Victarion Blacktyde

Barbarian raised amongst the Greenlanders...


Late 20s; pale skin; platinum blonde beard and long hair pulled-back in braided pony tail; sides of his head shaved and adorned with ceremonial tattoos; arms, torso, and legs covered in various other tattoos and battle scars; ice blue eyes; wears minimal gladiator-style armored plate armor; carries a two-handed warhammer and a pair of hatchets.


Born on the harsh volcanic island of Eynhallow in the middle of the Sterling Sea, Victarion was born nameless, the third son of the infamous sea captain, Baldur Blacktyde. He was baptised in the sea at age four, as was his people’s custom, by tossing him overboard and forcing him to swim back to shore. Only then was he given his name, and made a crewman aboard his father’s warship, the Nalfagar. The Blacktyde’s were a respected house within the Einharjar, a seaborn warrior culture of marauders who had long ago harnessed the magic of ancient elemental runes to power their feared Obsidian Armada.

By his tenth year, he was given his second baptism, when he joined the ship’s raiding party during an assault on the coastal fort city of Oldstone. The assault would end tragically when his father’s forces were cut off by a regiment of Imperial heavy cavalry. Caught between the mounted forces and the city’s impressive armoured garrison, his father’s Einharjar were unable to retreat to the Nalfagar. In the end, both his father and two elder brothers were killed in the battle, and Victarion himself fled the scene of battle, taking refuge in the backroom of a smithy as his father’s men were either killed or captured by Imperial forces.

The owner of that smithy – an elderly widower, veteran, and skilled blacksmith – would inevitably find the young boy, starving, wounded, and frightened in the back of his shop. Rather than surrender him to the Imperial Guard however, this blacksmith helped nurse the boy back to health, and took him as his apprentice. He would spend the next seven years living in Oldstone under a false name, a visible outsider due to his pale skin and bright blonde hair.

The Einharjar would inevitably return to Oldstone however, this time under the command of his uncle, Joron Blacktyde. His uncle had been his father’s mystic navigator, or “wind whisperer” as they were commonly called, and was trained in ancient knowledge of the runes. Joron had stayed behind with the Nalfagar during the raid onto Oldstone seven years prior, and had slipped away with the ship after the arrival of the cavalry, abandoning the raiding party to their fate before claiming the captaincy for himself.

When Joron’s forces attacked the city, they found themselves unable to penetrate the fort’s walls. During the siege, Victarion was dispatched to supply the city’s garrison with fresh arms from the smithy, and found the embattled city’s guardsmen struggling to fend off the Einharjar. Seeing his opportunity to be reunited with his kinsmen, Victarion seized upon the fatigue of the distracted garrison, and slaughtered them with the arms he’d been send to deliver. He then opened the Ivory Gates of Oldstone, and allowed the Einharjar raiding party to ruthlessly sack the city.

After Joron’s Einharjar had finished executing the city’s soldiers and leaders, they began rounding up the few remaining survivors to be sold into slavery. It was then that Victarion revealed himself to his uncle and the crew of the Nalfagar, all of whom had assumed he had died seven years ago with his father and brothers. Seeking to test his loyalty and resolve, Joron ordered his nephew to execute the old blacksmith who had taken him in to prove he had not been corrupted by Greenlanders. Without hesitating, Victarion stabbed the old man through the heart, and returned home to Eynhallow under the watchful and suspicious eye of his uncle.

In the years to come, the gulf of distrust between Victarion and his uncle would grow. Victarion served reluctantly under his uncle aboard the Nalfagar, all the while planning to take back the captaincy for himself, as he believed to be his birthright. Proving himself to be a distinguished reaver and warrior during that time, Victarion’s influence amongst the crew slowly began to challenge his uncle’s, and as their rivalry reached a boiling point, his uncle maneuvered to have Victarion transferred to the scout vessel Fenrir, where he would not be in a position to challenge Joron’s command.

With Victarion no longer seeding dissent amongst the crew of the Nalfagar, Joron pressed his advantage and turned his attention towards cultivating more power within the Captain’s Council of the Einharjar, his eyes ultimately set on eventually becoming the Lord Admiral of the Obsidian Armada. To this end, Joron used his influence to dispatch his nephew and the Fenrir to the most remote reaches of the Empire’s shores, conducting countless raids to test the coastal defences of their enemies, probing for weaknesses the Armada as a whole could exploit later. While comparatively small in scale, these raids would cement Victarion’s reputation as a warrior, and eventually elevate him to the captaincy of the Fenrir.

My uncle, Joron Blacktyde, against whom I’ve spent my entire adult life plotting revenge. Ultimately, I want to avenge the deaths of my father and brothers, which I blame on my uncle, and take back the captaincy of my father’s warship,the Nalfagar, which was stolen by Joron the day he took the ship and abandoned our raiding party at Oldstone.

Victarion Blacktyde

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