Prodigal Princess of the Rivenwood.


Short, but quick. Long white hair that is almost always pulled into a messy bun to keep it out of her face. Bright, green eyes, that occasionally seem to flash yellow. Large, deep, red scar, that runs underneath her left eye. She wears a mixture of a special lightweight, quiet, chain mail and worn, brown leather. Rings her eyes in black kohl to reduce glare.

She is accompanied by her wolf, Picard.


Grew up in a small village, tucked deep in the forest. Due to family lineage, her father was in line to be the next village elder; eventually it would be to be passed to her. She spent most of her days learning how to hunt, forage, and survive in the wilds. She was obsessed with animals from a young age and prefers their company over the company of people. She is quiet, but always thinking, and only speaks when she has something important to say. Fiercely loyal to beasts and those closest to her.

Her father, Vakveg, was the strongest figure in her life as her mother died during childbirth. Her mentor, a ranger named Bram, eventually became the person she fell in love with. He was the only one who seemed to understand her love of creatures and a need for calm.

On her 20th birthday, a raiding party wandered into her village. They were on their way to a larger town on the other side of the forest and discovered them by chance. The entire town was gathered in celebration and were cut down easily. The entire settlement was burned. Bram whisked her out of the village, even though she wanted to stay and fight. Eventually the raiders caught up to them and Bram sacrificed himself to save her, or so she thought. She never actually saw him die.

She wanders through the forest, homeless, unsure of where to go and what to do next. She searches for a sense of purpose, and seeks revenge on the raiders who slaughtered the people she cared for most.

Bram grew up in the village alongside Triss. He was a few years older than her and eventually became her mentor. They spent most of their time together and grew closer than the rest of the village would’ve liked. They kept their feelings to themselves but both knew how deep the others feelings went. Bram grew up to be a broad, sturdy man with an obsession with birds of prey. He had dark, shoulder length hair, and an unruly beard. Unbeknownst to Triss, Bram survived the attack on her village. He wants to find her but she was too good at covering her tracks. He taught her well.


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