Brother Cain

Chosen of the Pure.


Small and slight elderly man, dressed in light robes with white hair. Looks unassuming with an air of trustworthiness. Once you look into his eyes you see he is keenly intelligent and furious.


Brother Cain is a Cleric. He was once a good person and is now rebelling for personal revenge. He is looking for revenge, going against his vows and is a fugitive.

When he was young and foolish he was a drinking philanderer. One drunken night he ended up fathering a daughter and realized that he needed to be better for the child. He took up with the holy order so he could be a better man. Every good deed he did was for his daughter.

The day that someone murdered his daughter was the day that he turned his back on his holy order and vowed revenge… But then he found out he was the Chosen of the Pure, capable of speaking to the holy presence directly. He set out on a pilgrimage to bring word of the Pure to the common people, and to stop Joron of the Einharjar from opening the Helmount.

After converting his pagan companions, Triss the Ranger and Victarion the Barbarian, Cain suffered a slow death inside the belly of The Great Devourer.

Brother Cain

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